Raffle Points

To encourage creativity and class participation, this course will feature a unique concept called "raffle points." Students will earn points in class in a variety of ways, and at the end of the course students can cash out on their raffle points to buy entries into raffles for different items related to the course. Larger items will cost more raffle points per entry.

Ways To Earn Raffle Points

  • Group raffle point problems (see the class participation page for more info)
  • Certain calls for participation in class
  • Particularly helpful or insightful messages on Microsoft Teams
  • Finding mistakes in the book or on the assigned homework and labs

Possible Raffle Prizes

  • A 3D scanned triangle mesh of your head, or a 3D scanned and 3D printed version of your head (3 scans, 3 scans+prints) (e.g. proftralie.off)

  • ??? (More info towards the end of the course...)